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» الواضح في المنطق الشرعي
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» تابع الوضوح في المنطق
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» المنطق لطلبه الدراسات
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» مدرسه دمنهور المعتصمه
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» الاختبار الشفوي بمعهد فتيات دمنهور
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    اهم احداث الاسبوع الماضى ( الاسبوع الاول )
    1-Egypt’s authorities had to tighten security after a New Year's Day bombing had killed 21. On Christmas Eve drivers were banned from parking in front of churches. Blocks near temples were being monitored by explosives detection teams and policemen.
    on Christmas Day falls on January 7.
    At least 70,000 officers and conscripts had been deployed across the country to secure worshippers as they attended Christmas Eve mass.
    2-CAIRO - Four people have been put in hospital quarantine with swine flu symptoms in the Delta governorates of Kafr el-Sheikh and Menufia, health officials said. The four male patients, including a 17-year-old student, were quarantined in hospitals late Thursday with symptoms of the flu, the health ministry said in a statement.
    The patients, who have been diagnosed with the flu, are in quarantine and undergoing tests,
    3-Talks between world powers and Iran on its controversial nuclear programme should resume January 20 in Istanbul, an aide to European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said Friday. "It's a tentative date we're looking at,"
    4-CAIRO - Rates of marriages in Egypt in 2009 were fivefold those of divorce in the same year as 759,000 marriages were registered compared to 141,500 divorces, an Egyptian official said. "In 2009, 78 marriage contracts were signed per hour against 16 contracts for divorce," said Abou Bakr el-Guindi, the head of the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS). In Egypt and other Islamic countries, couples often become engaged at a very early stage in relationships in order to be accepted in the society, unlike in the West where lengthy relationships usually precede marriage.
    "Marriages among university graduates registered only half per cent of the total marriage contracts, the lowest rate. While marriages among technical school graduates were the highest at 39.3,"

    5-CAIRO - IT seems that an anti-addiction campaign recently launched across the nation will fail if movie stars continue behaving the way they do on screen. The campaign " on television, in the press and in posters pasted up in busy streets " depicts young junkies whom addiction has turned into desperate wretches, in a bid to prevent their peers from flirting with narcotics.
    Muslim Students
    A Muslim’s Character and Behaviour
    In this essay I will tell you about a Muslim’s character and behaviour and about the good and humble acts which Muslims perform to help mankind and please Allah. I hope that Allah guides us to perform more and more good deeds.
    There is a Hadith on good behaviour:
    Hadrat Abu Darda, may Allah be pleased with him, relates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, “Nothing is heavier in the scales of a believer on the Day of Judgement than his good behaviour. Allah detests a person who is obscene and shameless”. (Tirmidhi)
    All the people in this world should follow the character of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alahi wa Sallam and his Sunnah. Muslims are very humble and polite. They are sharing, giving and kind. They are also very helpful to others, whether the ones they are helping are Muslims or not. Muslims have very strong faith in Allah and his Rasul Sallallahu ‘alahi wa Sallam. Muslims all around the world pray five times a day.
    Muslims are also very kind and forgiving. They help others when needed. They are very kind to their neighbours and they respect their elders. If a Muslim’s neighbour needed help in cleaning the lawn or cutting the grass, he would help his neighbour.
    Muslims are forgiving to others as was shown by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam. There was one incident when the Prophet went to Taif to preach but the people stoned him. Then the angels of the mountain came to the Prophet and asked him if they should crush the people of Taif with the mountains surrounding the valley, but the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam said “no”, and he said that he is Rahmatul-lil-’Aalameen (mercy for all the worlds). He also said maybe those people would one day believe in Allah and have a change of heart.
    There is a Hadith on mercy and forgiveness:
    Hadrat Jarir bin Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with him, relates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “Any one who has no mercy for others will receive no mercy from Allah”. (Bukhari and Muslim)
    Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam was very truthful and trustworthy and for that he is called Al-Amin (The Trustworthy) and As-Saadiq (The Truthful). All Muslims should follow the example of the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam and no one should lie to others. If you speak the truth, then Allah will be very pleased with you and you will be rewarded for saying the truth. Lying is the way of Shaitaan and we should never follow that way because Shaitaan is our worst enemy.
    Muslims all over the world make a Pilgrimage (Hajj) every year. They also fast in the month of Ramadan every day from dawn to dusk and they pray Taraawih prayers in the month of Ramadan. Muslims also give zakah (poor-due) and sadaqah (charity). Giving charity to the poor and needy is an act loved by Allah. When you give to the poor and the needy, they ask Allah to send blessings on you and Allah blesses you and you also get heavenly rewards for giving sadaqah.
    There is a Hadith on sadaqah:
    Hadrat Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, relates that the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Charity does not decrease wealth, Allah enhances the honour of one who forgives, and one who humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah exalts him in rank”. (Muslim)
    Muslims are supposed to have good manners. Muslims show good manners in several different ways, including; when eating, they eat with the right hand, when talking, they talk in a low and calm voice, when greeting, they greet with respect, when yawning, they cover their mouth and when sneezing, they also cover their mouth.
    There are many Hadith on good manners, two of them are: Hadrat Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, relates that when the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, sneezed, he covered his mouth with his hand or a piece of cloth to reduce the sound. (Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi)
    Hadrat Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudri, may Allah be pleased with him, relates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “When one of you yawns, he should cover his mouth with his hand, otherwise Satan would enter”. (Muslim)
    All these characters and behaviour are from the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam and we should follow the Quran and the Sunnah all the time.

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